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Beat exam stress and perform well by following these 4 health tips

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t’s that time of the year when both students and parents feel “exam pressure”. Students are under pressure to perform their best, but doing so requires a balanced approach to health, in addition to consistent studying. This balanced approach helps students boost their memory and remember what they have studied.

Dr Hariprasad, an Ayurveda expert at The Himalaya Drug Company, recommends the following tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the upcoming exams:

* Exercise regularly: Physical activity is an effective tool to improve academic performance. Studies conducted at the University of British Columbia have shown that regular aerobic exercise boosts the size of part of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning. Exercise also helps in improving memory and thinking ability for students by increasing oxygen flow to the brain. It’s easy to forget to exercise your body in the midst of all the mental exertion, but this is important as physical exercise boosts brain function in a variety of ways.