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Dreaming about holy plants

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Plants are the source of life. They gives us the oxygen to breathe in and live. If there’s a lack of plants, there are less chances of human survival. Plants have been considered as the reason of hope regarding future by various philosophers and poets. There is a quote which says, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” There are different kind of plants and each different variety has its own benefits and there are different plants which are considered sacred and have spiritual values eg, Tulsi, Peepal, etc But have you ever thought what does it mean when you have dreams about the plant thus:

And someone is making you aware about the bad qualities or poison contained in the leaves of that plant, it suggests danger and that your enemy is approaching towards you quickly.
That is tulsi, which is green in colour, it suggests hope and good times in your life. You will have peace in your relationships and some celebration will take place in your home.
Which has medicinal value such as tulsi, neem, etc, it signifies that you will handle a major project at work. You will also get the desired name and reputation in your personal and professional life.
And you are walking inside a forest, which is full of greenery it implies you will have some unexpected profits. You will also gain some ancestral property and your business will bring you long term benefits.
And see yourself watering it, it means someone near you needs your help and is waiting for your response.
Which has flowers on it, it suggests that you will have harmony in your relationship.
Which has thorns over it, it means you are troubled with the ongoing stress at work and want to get out of it at the earliest.
That is dead, it suggests you are being hopeless and you are facing certain illness.
That is tulsi or peepal, which has just been planted depicts the beginning of new relationships and friendships and you want to move forward in your life.
Which has blue flowers signifies your care for loved ones and you are missing your family and waiting to get back together with them.
Give water to the plants. Remove the broken pots from the garden.

The festival of Tulsi Vivah is falling on November 19. Take a tulsi plant and keep it in your home. Green plants, as well as tulsi is a symbol of growth and knowledge. Keep the plant in East-North direction of your home. Offer water to it regularly. It signifies positive energy in house. It also enhances your knowledge, wisdom and communication skills.