Kareena Kapoor Khan: I’ve found the perfect work-life balanceKareena Kapoor Khan: I’ve found the perfect work-life balance

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Unabashed and unapologetic, these are the first two words that come to mind when you describe Kareena Kapoor Khan. Despite being a Bollywood star, she has never shied away from voicing her opinions on several topics and played by her own set of rules. After being an actress for 18 years, Bebo is all set to make her radio debut with What Women Want on Ishq 104.8 FM. Tease her that she’s the apt choice for the show and she giggles, “I love to talk and here I get to share my opinion on different topics that should be dinner-table conversations. The idea was just right.” In a candid chat, the glamorous actress tells us how she has always followed her heart and why radio is an entertaining but a tough platform. Excerpts…