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REVEALED: This is the MOST hurtful reason for breakup

No break up is ever easy and our movies have only contributed to glorifying this heart wrenching experience. Heart breaks can be quite distressing for the one going through it, but there is ONE kind of breakup that hurts more than anything. According to a recent study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, a breakup hurts the most when one is dumped for someone else. There is even a term coined for this – comparative rejection. People breakup because the relationship gets emotionally taxing or because they feel they are no more interested. Some end relationships because they want to take out time for themselves. But out of all the reasons that couple cite to head to splitsville, ‘comparative rejection’ is the toughest for the other partner. Couples still cope better with other reasons but there is no bigger heartpain than getting rejected for someone else. Well, close second to ‘comparative rejection’ is breaking up without giving any reason. It leads to more pain in the longer run. It leaves the partner to assumptions – and more often than not they suspect that someone else has caught their partner’s fancy. So what’s the right way to end such relationships? Well, honesty is always the best policy but do not talk too much about it. It may simply end up making healing tougher and longer. Moreover, if the reason for your breakup is something else – do not leave the partner to natural assumption. Assure them there is no one else involved in the picture.