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You can keep your pants on

One of the stolen antiques recovered during the raid on NRI businessman's godown.

I was gaping, actually gaping at a photograph of Kareena Kapoor Khan in a sharp pant suit, and wondering aloud: Do I know a sexier woman alive? I cannot say if it was the suit, or the way she carried it, blending power, pout and poise so damn beautifully. The question is, who wears the pants in their relationship?

Pants and the gender politics around women rocking it, are part of our shared history. Ever since the first woman wore in the United States to fight for women’s voting rights, it has come to symbolise equal play, a reversal of gender dynamics. Today a woman wearing pants may not even warrant a second thought, but wearing the proverbial pants in a relationship is still something of a novelty. The traditional role of a man being the more aggressive one and the woman, the more deferential one in a relationship is changing. Experts are calling this ‘gender symmetry’ as more and more women command their level playing fields, so to say.

Look at Anushka Sharma for instance, who has championed pant suits and cropped pants on the red carpet for ever, and you perhaps get some idea of the equations of the power couple. But looks, carefully curated to make a statement, can be deceptive as well. We do not know who calls the shots in the bedroom.